Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in Rhinoplasty

For many plastic surgeons, a nose job, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, is a specialty that not all of them can perform. The reason behind this is that it is better to specialize in a particular field than to envelop all the fields that come with plastic surgery. For rhinoplasty, there has to be a focus on the two basic techniques that are used to make the necessary alterations and improvements that come with the operation. The procedure can make a variety of improvements for the person ranging from making the nose more asymmetrical and balanced to altering the size of the nostrils and anything else that the patient might think of which can be done by the doctor. The procedure is usually an outpatient one but the extent of some of the patient’s wants and desired results may change this. The recovery period varies depending on which method is recommended by the doctor. The condition of the patient is also another factor that plastic surgeons will need to consider before doing the operation. These doctors are trained to check their patients for any underlying diseases and conditions, which may have an undesirable effect on the operation as well as the recovery period. It is important to openly discuss one’s medical history with the doctor before making the decision to have the operation.

The Procedure

Basically, there are two techniques that are used to achieve the desired results. These are the closed and open methods, which plastic surgeons use to access the nasal region. The glaring difference between the two is the additional incision that is used in the open method. This incision is made in the part of the nose that separates the two nostrils. This is the reason why it is called the open method; because the entire skin can be opened and exposed to the professional who is doing the operation. This actually gives the doctor better access to the area and more maneuverability to make better and bigger changes for the desired results. The skin is lifted from the nasal region and inserts can be added to make the nose appear higher, longer or any other shape that the patient may have asked for. The closed method limits the access of the doctors and makes the insertion of anything bigger than the nostril a bit difficult because the incisions are made underneath the nostril’s skin. In spite of being a limiting method, there are also some plastic surgeons that use it. This preference is dependent on the request of the patient. If the patient wants smaller or bigger nostrils, the closed method may be more convenient and less invasive than the open one. Being less invasive, it follows that the recovery period of the closed method may be faster and lesser than that of the other one.

The rhinoplasty procedure is a basic one and the risks that come with it are low. In spite of this, the patient should be aware of them. Plastic surgeons who operate on their patients need to be straight forward when easing their anxiety and concerns.